2016 Prizes

This tournament rewards prizes in the form of a check or gift. Prizes provided by the sponsor are linked to their website. The winnings will be distributed post event on-site.

1. *Grand Prize - $5,000 check
2. *Silver Prize - $2,000 check
3. *Silver Prize - $2,000 check
4. *Bronze Prize - $500 check
5. *Bronze Prize - $500 check

6. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $369 Eskimo Mako 10" Power Auger
7. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $189 Eskimo Quickfish 3
8. **West Laramie Fly Store - $249 Coleman NXT 200 Grill
9. **Big D oil and gas - $260 Ice Fishing Package - $180 Shappell Wide House 4500, $20 Grabber Heat Sox, $20 Eagle Claw Wood Tip Up ($10 x 2), $40 Bushnell BackTrack GPS
10. **Big D oil and gas - $263 Fly Fishing Package - $189 Temple Fork Outfitters 5wt 8'9" 4pc rod, $74 Stone Creek anglers wading staff
11. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $100 gift card
12. **Big 5 Sporting Goods  - $50 gift card
13. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $43.99 Eskimo 6" hand auger
14. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $43.99 Eskimo 6" hand auger
15. **Sportsman's Warehouse - $43.99 Eskimo 6" hand auger

16. **West Laramie Fly Store - $100 gift card - Longest Fish prize - adult.
17. **West Laramie Fly Store - $100 gift card - Longest Fish prize - youth.

A total of 20 Hatchery Trout will be tagged with numbered tags and released evenly and randomly over the reservoir prior to the event.  5 of the tagged fish numbers will be pre-selected from the pool of 20 as the *CASH PRIZE WINNERS. The other 15 tagged fish will be eligible for one of the 15 sponsor provided prizes. These prizes will be distributed on a 1st come 1st served basis. When a tagged fish is caught it will need to be presented at the check-in station. If the tag number is a *CASH PRIZE WINNER, a check will be given (mailed after verification) for the prize amount. If the tag is not a *CASH PRIZE WINNER, the contestant will select one of the remaining 15 sponsor provided prizes.

* No cash will be on-site. Cash prizes will given in form of a check, and mailed after verification. The verification process requires a lie detector test be administered by a 3rd party (AS REQUIRED BY OUR INSURANCE COMPANY) to ensure no cheating was involved.  Cash prize winners will be required to travel at their own expense, risk, and liability, and with their own transportation to the Denver or Loveland locations for the exam within 2 weeks after the 2/6/16 ice fishing event.  We have arranged for the polygraph agency to come to Cheyenne at 12pm on 2/20/16 if travel to Denver/Loveland is a hardship.  The exam will be paid for by Wyoming Fishing Tournaments, LLC.  No cash prize will be awarded until the exam is passed. Check will be mailed within 60 days of the event once exam is passed.

 **All prizes are subject to be changed at any time. These non-cash prizes will be available for pick-up at the event location.