Ice Fishing Tournament – Curt Gowdy State Park

January 11th, 2025

Rules and Regulations 

    1. This fishing tournament is open to fishing all 3 reservoirs.  Crystal, Granite, and North Crow within Curt Gowdy State Park. State Park entrance fees must be paid and envelope tab clearly displayed for each vehicle. The tournament will not be canceled or postponed for any reason except unsafe ice conditions OR road closures!
    2. Because all 3 reservoirs are open to fishing in the tournament, there will be a check-in/weigh-in station at each reservoir with at least 2 WFT adjudicators. Fish must be entered at the weigh-in station on the reservoir where they are caught.
    3. No tagged fish will be placed in the reservoir.  
    4. Winning fish are determined by measurement including the summation of length and girth. Length is measured by snout to tail, where the tail will be pinched to indicate total length.
    5. After each fish is entered, it will receive a hole punch through the tail to ensure it cannot be presented twice.
    6. Each fish entered is only eligible for ONE prizeSee the "Prizes" page on the WFT website for details.
    7. Prizes will NOT be distributed until the end of the event. 
    8. There are 7 species categories eligible for prizes as provided by our sponsors.  See the "Prizes" page on the WFT website for details.
    9. In order to be eligible for prizes, contestants must be pre-registered and have in their possession a valid WY fishing license, conservation stamp (except for 1 day fishing license holders) and printed tournament registration form. Tournament registration is non-transferable between persons.
    10. Fishermen must comply with WGFD Aquatic Invasive Species Regulations and Procedures.
    11. Fisherman must comply with WGFD Fishing Regulations.
    12. Tournament fishing is restricted to January 11, 2025 between the hours of 7AM and 3PM. Start and stop times will be signified by an air horn. You are welcome to set up prior to 7AM, however, no fishing is allowed prior to the start of the tournament.
    13. Once a fish is caught that you’d like to enter, immediately bring the entire fish to the check-in station where the fish will be processed.  Unregistered fishermen in your party may jeopardize the validity of fish caught by registered fishermen. The latest time a  fish may be brought to the check-in station is 3:10 PM. 
    14. All fish presented must be freshly caught. Any fish that is presented frozen, stiff, discolored eyes, etc. may be disqualified from entry for prizes at the discretion of WFT adjudicators.
    15. This contest is permitted by WGFD as a “harvest contest” meaning the decision to release a fish must be made immediately after capture. Any fish not returned immediately must be harvested and counted towards the daily creel limit. Any fish brought to the check-in station for prize determination is there-by harvested and counted towards the daily creel limit. Each person must have their own stringer or mechanism to individually track harvested fish.
    16. Culling is not permitted.
    17. Ice holes must not exceed 10” in diameter.
    18. No motorized vehicles allowed on ice.
    19. Participants must keep dogs on leashes and under control at all times.
    20. Please keep the area clean. Do not throw trash in ice holes.
    21. Contestants hereby acknowledge that names and photographs can be used in the promotion of the tournament. This includes but is not limited to print, radio, television, website or any other media outlets.
    22. All prizes are subject to change without notice based on availability from our sponsors.
    23. Wyoming Fishing Tournaments, LLC is not responsible for road conditions, acts of god, ice conditions, accidents, injuries, or death. You are participating in this activity at your own risk. All registered fishermen  acknowledge that they have reviewed the rules/regulations and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the tournament waiver.
    24. Failure to comply with the above rules and regulations will result in tournament disqualification.
    25. No refunds will be allowed after 1/4th/2025.
    26. Grayling were removed from the prize list given that they haven’t been caught as of late. North Crow Reservoir has Tiger Muskie stocked in recent years in attempt to suppress Longnose Suckers which will improve the fishery over the long-termTiger Muskie have been added to the species list. Regulation for keeping those fish is one longer than 36 inches per person, so those could legally be harvested now.