This tournament rewards winnings in the form of a check or gift. The winnings will be distributed after the event during an awards ceremony at the visitors' center parking lot at Granite Reservoir around 4pm.

Following is the list of prizes: 

*Cash Prizes - $2500 total:

Grand Prize - $1,500 check 
Silver Prize - $600 check 
Bronze Prize - $400 check 

**Species Categories / Youth Prizes (Sponsored)

There are 7 species prizes and 1 youth prize that will be awarded to the largest fish of the day that do not qualify for cash prizes.  The species categories are:

  • Rainbow/Cutbow/CuthroatTrout     
  • Brown Trout           
  • Perch                 
  • Tiger Muskie                         
  • Brook Trout                       
  • Splake
  • Sucker                              

2022 PRIZES: $3,500 in prizes!

Awards Ceremony:

The awards ceremony will be held at the Curt Gowdy visitors center around 4pm. This year we have more than $3,500 in non-cash prizes. These prizes will be awarded to the "7 species" and "youth" categories in order of random drawing. Each winner will pick 1 item from the list of prizes in the order in which their name is drawn. Any remaining prizes will be awarded to the next "largest" fish caught until all the prizes are gone. If any individual is not there to receive their prize they forfeit the prize.  

 *No cash will be on-site. Cash prizes will given in form of a check, and distributed the same day, post event, made out to the winning party. The Grand and Silver prizes will require the winning party to fill out an I-9 IRS tax form with social security number, name, and address.  Cash prizes at and over $600 need to be reported to the IRS as taxable income. A W-2 tax form will be mailed to the address listed at the end of the tax season. 

 **All sponsored prizes are subject to be changed at any time. These non-cash prizes will be available for pick-up at the event location. Any prize for which a sponsor is not met will be replaced by a Sportsman's Warehouse $100 gift card. 

***See explanation below regarding priority given for the youth prize winning fish. 

 2023 Event Updates 

  • There are no tagged fish for the 2023 event. 
  • "Big Fish" will be measured by the summation of length and girth. 
  • All 3 reservoirs at Curt Gowdy State Park are open to fishing in the tournament.  Granite, Crystal, and North Crow reservoirs will each have a check-in/weigh-in station with WFT adjudicators. A fish must be entered at the weigh-in station on the reservoir where it was caught.
  • There are no hourly prizes. Prizes will be awarded to the biggest fish caught in a given species category. There will be one winning fish for each category for the entire day.
  • Sucker fish have been put back in the list of eligible species for a prize.  
  • Tiger Muskie have been added to the species list!  Game and fish reported netting muskie around 37" as of 2021 in North Crow reservoir. Remember, the Wyoming Game and Fish regulations require tiger muskie creel limits of 1 per person 36" or longer! Any tiger muskie less than 36" must be returned immediately.


    How are the fish measured?

    • If a "big fish" is caught, immediately bring the entire fish to the check-in station where the fish will be processed.  The latest time a fish may be brought to the check-in station is 3:10 PM. 
    • Winning fish are determined by measurement including the summation of length and girth. Length is measured by snout to tail, where the tail will be pinched to indicate total length. Girth is measured at the widest portion of the midsection of the fish.
    • After each fish is entered, it will receive a hole punch through the tail to ensure it cannot be presented twice.
    • Each fish entered is only eligible for ONE prize.
    • Prizes will NOT be distributed until the end of the event.  


      Species Categories 

      • The biggest fish caught of each species category will receive the sponsored prize for that category as listed above. 
      • The 3 biggest fish caught over the course of the entire contest will be bumped out of their species category prize bracket and awarded the 1st 2nd and 3rd cash prizes.  The runner up fish for each species category will then be awarded the species category prize.     


      Cash Prizes 

      • The 3 biggest fish of the day will be removed from the species prize category and will be awarded the 1st 2nd and 3rd place Cash Prizes.  


      Youth Prize 

      • The biggest fish of the day caught by a youth will receive the "Youth Prize".  
      • The biggest fish caught by a youth is only eligible for one prize.  If a fish presented by a youth qualifies for a cash prize it will be ineligible for any other prize.  The biggest fish of the day presented by a youth that does not qualify for either a cash or species prize will be awarded the youth prize for the day.