2023 Tournament Results

What an incredible event at Curt Gowdy State Park again for 2023!  All 3 reservoirs were open to fishing.  For sure most of the pressure was at North Crow Reservoir. Many people were hunting the elusive Tiger Muskie. And what would you know, we had 2 caught!!! Absolutely incredible and super fun. While most of the fun activity is at Granite and Crystal reservoirs with stocker trout, brooders, perch, etc. it appears that the biggest fish are indeed being caught at North Crow. Unfortunately North Crow can be a 1 fish a day location without alot of activity throughout the day to keep you engaged. You better be awake though because when that one hits it's definitely a contender!

The wind was fairly light this year. Around 500 people turned out for the event.


2023 prizes were awesome. Special thank you to our sponsors!

$2,500 in cash prizes.

$3,500 in non-cash prizes.

Total: $6,000 in value!

This year the prizes were:

  • 1st prize winner: $1,500 cash
    • Congratulations to Pedro Tijerina Jr!
    • Species: Tiger Muskie. Length + Girth: 52 7/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir
  • 2nd prize winner: $600 cash
    • Name: William Christman.
    • Species: Tiger Muskie. Length + Girth: 52 4/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir
  • 3rd prize winner: $400 cash
    • Name: Tristen Zitek.
    • Species: Rainbow. Length + Girth: 31 7/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir


NON CASH Species prizes were awarded to:

  1. Rainbow/Cutbow/Cuthroat Trout  -Amy Mayer. Length + Girth: 31 4/8". Granite Reservoir.
  2. Brown Trout - Dean Dameron. Length + Girth: 28 1/8". North Crow
  3. Perch - Nathan Gomez. Length + Girth: 18 6/8". Granite.
  4. Tiger Muskie - Both Muskie won the cash prizes. Prize was awarded to Dean Moore for his 31 2/8" Rainbow from North Crow.
  5. Brook Trout - Harley Mosley. Length + Girth: 10". Granite.
  6. Splake - Trysta Hopkins. Length + Girth: 16 1/8". North Crow.
  7. Sucker Fish - Casey Hoyt. Length + Girth: 29 2/8". Crystal.

Youth prize #1 was awarded to: Durza Moore for a 30 1/8" Rainbow trout (length + girth)! North Crow.

Youth prize #2 was awarded to: Lincoln Glowatz for a 30 0/8" Rainbow trout (length + girth)! North Crow.

 The following prizes were awarded to fisherman who caught big fish that didn't win the cash or non-cash prizes in order of fish size. No prizes were held back.

The photos are on our Facebook Page.

Feel free to email us your feedback so we can continue to improve the event.


NON CASH Species Prizes (Sponsored Prizes).  

2023 PRIZES: $3,500 in prizes!