2018 Tournament Results

We had another great tournament at Curt Gowdy State Park on Saturday Feb 3rd 2018.  This year all 3 reservoirs were open to fishing.  North Crow reservoir is the only one that holds Grayling and Splake.  Crystal and Granite reservoirs were more heavily fished as they hold much more fish in general.

There was no wind at all until about 10am, and then the wind started to creep in.  About noon the wind was strong and sustained.  The blowing snow across the ice always creates an environment of intensely unique beauty for those who appreciate such landscapes.  About 200 people turned out for the event!

This year we the prizes were:

  • 1st prize winner: $1,500 cash
    • Congratulations to Victor Gomez!
  • 2nd prize winner: $600 cash
    • Nathan Redding
  • 3rd prize winner: $400 cash
    • Roy Kaylee III
NON CASH Species Prizes (Sponsored Prizes).  These were the species prizes given out for the largest of all 7 species caught.
  • Clam 8 inch Edge Power Ice Auger (Sportsmans Warehouse)
  • Shappell EL Jet Sled (Sportsmans), Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger (Big D's), Cooler (Big D's)
  • Eskimo QuickFish3 (Sportsmans)
  • Striker Ice $200 online discount code for any merchandise (Striker Ice)
  • $150 coupon at West Laramie Fly Shop
  • $100 coupon for Sportsmans Warehouse, Fishing Gift Bag (FishExplorer.com)
  • $100 coupon for Sportsmans Warehouse
NON CASH Species prizes were awarded to:
  1. Vic Meyers - Rainbow Trout - 21.7" long, 10 7/8" girth. Crystal Res.
  2. Victor Gomez - Cutthroat Trout -21" long, 10" girth
  3. Tim Voeller - Brown - 14.5" long, 6.5" girth
  4. Brandon Adams - Brook Trout - 15.25" long, 8.75" girth
  5. Zak Meek - Splake - 18" long, 9" girth. North Crow Res.
  6. Zack Hecht - Grayling - 11.25" long, 4.75" girth.
  7. John C - Perch - 12" long, 9" girth
Youth prize was awarded to: Hunter Williams!


    Free Giveaways for attendees:
    • $5 value PKLures for the first 120 attendees to check-in.
    • $10 off Sportsmans Warehouse coupons for the first 100 attendees to check-in, with free deluxe Sportsmans Warehouse  "carry baggie".
    • 300 free sodas available all day at check-in stations donated by ABC Cheyenne (Admiral Beverage Co).
    • Laramie Peak Anglers donated hats, t-shirts, and gear to prize winners.

     The photos are on our Facebook Page.

    Also, please see the report in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.  Reporter Austin Huguelet came and spent all day at the event interviewing fisherman.  Thank you Austin and photographer!

    Feel free to email us your feedback so we can continue to improve the event.  Requests to slow the wind will be taken into consideration :)