2024 Tournament Results

Shout out to all who came to fish the 2024 tourney given we had to reschedule!  All 3 reservoirs were open to fishing. North Crow Reservoir once again had most of the pressure, and produced the biggest fish. No tiger muskie were caught this year. Last years' biggest trout was 31 7/8" combined length + girth.  This years' biggest fish was a 32 3/8" rainbow from North Crow caught by Derek Pollnow! Way to go Derek! North Crow claimed all the cash prizes as well as largest rainbow, brown, and splake species' prizes. Granite and Crystal reservoirs still produced the most fish albeit much smaller in size. That said, the winning perch, brookie, sucker, and "Rinky Dink" came from those lakes. 

It was an incredibly beautiful day with little to no wind and partly cloudy skies.


2024 prizes were awesome. Special thank you to our sponsors!

$3,500 in cash prizes.

$2,000 in cash YOUTH ONLY raffle prizes ($500x4) 

$5,150 in non-cash prizes.

Total: $10,150 in value!


This year the prizes were:

  • Grand prize winner: $1,500 cash
    • Congratulations to Derek Pollnow!
    • Species: Rainbow. Length + Girth: 32 3/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir
  • Gold prize winner: $700 cash
    • Name: Preston Schwindt.
    • Species: Rainbow. Length + Girth: 31 5/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir
  • Silver prize winner: $600 cash
    • Name: Justin Ochsner.
    • Species: Brown. Length + Girth: 30 6/8"
    • North Crow Reservoir
  • Bronze prize winner: $500 cash
    • Name: Gary Summers.
    • Species: Brown. Length + Girth: 30 4/8"
    • Granite Reservoir
  • Rinky Dink prize winner: $200 cash
    • Name: Matt Elliot.
    • Species: Perch. Length + Girth: 8 3/8"
    • Granite Reservoir

     YOUTH CASH raffled prizes: Sponsored by Zachery and Sam DeBerard of Domino Construction in Laramie, WY!

    NON CASH Species prizes were awarded to:

    1. Rainbow/Cutbow/Cuthroat Trout - Matt Donis. Length + Girth: 30 4/8" (tie broken by weight). North Crow.
    2. Brown Trout - Jason Owen. Length + Girth: 30 0/8". North Crow
    3. Perch - Brent Roth. Length + Girth: 17 3/8". Granite.
    4. Tiger Muskie - None were caught. Prize was awarded to Gage Schlager for his 30 1/8" Rainbow from North Crow.
    5. Brook Trout - Harley Mosley. Length + Girth: 12 4/8". Granite.
    6. Splake - Max Williams. Length + Girth: 20 4/8". North Crow.
    7. Sucker Fish - Lukka P. Length + Girth: 25 2/8". Granite.

    Youth prize was awarded to: Preston Schwindt for a 30 0/8" Rainbow trout (length + girth)! North Crow.

    The photos are on our Facebook Page.

    Feel free to email us your feedback so we can continue to improve the event.

    All prizes were awarded to fisherman who caught big fish that didn't win the cash or non-cash prizes in order of fish size. No prizes were held back.


    NON CASH Species Prizes (Sponsored Prizes).  

    2024 PRIZES: $5,150 in prizes!